Saturday, March 6, 2010

working some cows

The horned cow is Piper & Loren's...she is ANCIENT (old old old) hasn't had a calf in YEARS but she will be with them til she dies...I think Piper plans to mount her head when/if she does ever go to Longhorn Heaven...that was last that I heard....they ran her in a gave her shots (NOT in the chute though) just cuz.....

Today we went & helped Piper & Loren work some of the replacement heifers and some cows and Larry's few head he's got there. IT was the most georgeous day you could have asked for....went smooth, no mishaps other than Loren cut one of our tags out of our heifers ears and put one of THEIR tags in was a mistake (yeah right) but we all got a kick out of it as he had asked Larry "is number 452 your Heifer" and Larry responds ..."Nope" when everything was done...all were ran thru the chute I can hear Larry talking to himself "hmmm I can't believe I missed one of my heifers" well, we all got a good laugh out of it...Loren "stole" one of Larry's Heifers right under his nose!

I am headed to Debbie's to work on my quilt again..I really enjoy that...just takes you "somewhere" leave all of your worries/thoughts at the door...its soooo relaxing to sew for me...who'd of thought??? Last night we sewed and had alot of good was great...guess thats all the excitement for a 50 year old ey??

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