Sunday, August 15, 2010

today Sunday 8/15/2010

Had an awesome day today...Larry & I went to town this morning to keep Jhett & Drewsey while Zach & Mariss played in a Softball we took the kids to the game...I had sucha good time watching the games, really had a much better time than I ever thought I would...Jhett & Drews were both very good and it was just a very nice day....Mariss and Zach's team even won it!! They were thrilled as they were playing against the "young kids" (highschool kids) and the last game was VERY close....

Monday, August 9, 2010


Really trying hard to keep current....last night while out watering the colts/horses, it sure felt and seemed like Fall....I love the Fall Favorite Season infact...I remember as a kid growing up on our Ranch in Izee, when Deer Season was upon us, it was my fondest memory(ies)....we had hunters come from all over to hunt on the Ranch...they loved our family and all of our Ranch Life that went with it...I remember getting super excited for all the people to show up...Piper, Me & Dad used to "wrangle" the horses early early of a morning to get them ready for the hunters to was always soooo fun....going hell bent for election chasing the horses the brisk morning hours.....

The smell of Fall....when I say that, I wonder how many people are thinking, "Molly, have you lost it?"....I love the smells that arrive with the Fall.....and the driving out to Piper & Lorens cabin at Vester Creeek & taking in all of the colors~

So, in mentioning Fall, I hope it gets here quick!!! Maybe we'll have a L O N G Fall this year?? I can only hope!

The picture I posted above was one of my many trips to the Cabin in October of 2008....

Sunday, August 8, 2010

its been since APRIL....

big deep sigh....since April....I just can't get "with it" on here....I will post some more pics of my life happenings since the last post and give a breif update~

May......hmmmmm went to Drewsey's Trike-a-thon...enjoyed watching her in her boots riding laps on her tryke! And Taylor watched her sister pedal while Jhett slept most of the time

We went to Darren Kimball & Danielle Smith's wedding...It was BEAUTIFUL!! Chance was in the Wedding Party, so we got to see him in a TUX!!!

June.......hmmmmmmmmmmm: The girls came & rode, brushed up on their playday skills! while Jhett ate dirt, or contemplated eating dirt!!

July.........oh lets see....Drewsey Ann Williams turned FOUR!!!

and here we are August! Our oldest sister, Colleen came up from Oklahoma for a visit....its always so nice to see her...wish she lived closer but she really loves her new home & Oklahoma...