Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday 9-18-2010

Not much to write about...Larry rode for Piper & Loren today...they're gathering the cattle off of the Allotment...there is someone coming tomorrow to look @ the cattle to buy...the WHOLE herd...I hope they get them sold for the price that I've been told...that would help alot!! I stayed home and mopped the kitchen/dinning room floor, did 3 loads of Laundry, folded clothes, did some dusting and NAPPED...all is good....Mariss and Zach, Drews & Jhett are at the OSU game this weekend...Taylor went to her dad's...she was said that her mom & sister/brother were leaving & she was going to her dad (friday) so we went to lunch with her great her all cheered up...
Tomorrow (Sunday) I plan to go to Debbie's to sew...need to finish the binding on the quilt.....
Fall is as good as here....the leaves on the trees are turning....I love the Fall Season but never look forward to the cold Winter'd think after FIFTY years, I would get used to it...just really wish it could be Fall forever!!!

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